Property Management

Maximize profits and ease burden

Our knowledgeable agents assist you in maximizing the potential of your house by creating an enticing listing.

Embark on the renting journey with AGR!

1. Research and Agreement

We will personally research and select the best property management strategies to suit your specific needs. Once identified, we will outline all terms and responsibilities, ensuring clarity every step of the way.

Having an experiences agent, will make it easier to successfully rent out your property. We will provide you with professional advice and lead you through each critical step.

Step 2. Advertise Your Property

The listing process involves a series of steps. We will leverage on our best channels and resources to present your property in the best possible light, attract best tenants.

Professional Photos showcase

We will capture marketing photos of your home. With the ubiquity of online house-hunting these days, high-quality photos are critical. AGR knows how to make rooms appear bigger, brighter and more attractive.

Thorough property check

We will make a thorough inspection on your property to make sure bringing the best to your tenant. A good property condition also maximizes your profit.

Step 3. Find and choose your tenant

Our team will assess prospective tenants to make sure your property generates good profit and being safe. We will run the background check from multiple aspects.

Credit record
Criminal History
5. Maintenance & Communication

After tenants move into the property, we will take care of ongoing maintenance, tenant communication, collecting rent, conducting inspections and managing lease renewals or vacancies.

Step 4. Move-in inspection

Our team will walk the property with the tenant and get as detailed as possible on the move-in inspection..

Generate revenue from your property !